Monday, April 25, 2016

Dyonas Babtism

Dear friends and family

Well this week was freaking awesome.
So we had another babtism, a guy named Dyonas (Jonas, they spell it differently here). His conversion story is super inspiring. So, this is actually a flirt to convert story. He is going out with this member named stephenie. theyd been going out for a while, and she always invited him to church stuff. Seminary, church, activities. Volleyball and all sorts of stuff, and he soon became super interested. Within time, the elders started teaching him. and he started progressing a ton. he understood all the lessons, and fulfilled all his commitments. hes in the military here though, which makes it hard for him to go to church sometimes. But that wasnt a problem after a while. After little bit we marked a date for babtism, and we started working towards that goal. It was amazing, we would go and meet him real quick at his house to share a quick little message, and he would tell us that hes been reading the pamphlets so that he can understand better. and that before he would read, he would say a prayer so that he can feel the spirit better, and have the spirit teach him better the doctrine. he also took the gospel principals book, and had been studying hat as well. doing all this on his own! and when his babtism came, he was so excited, nad felt so good after his babtism! his face was beaming! (even though the babtismal font was freazing! haha). anyway, thats our experience with him this past week.

The other cool thing I forgot to mention that happened the week before was we went ot an english school, and spoke english to a bunch of english learning students. Then we shared a message about what we teach, and our purpose as missionaries. haha, something that would never happen in the states! 

This week though, I learned that God prepares the elect. the biggest things we do as missionaried is invite out investagators to do things which will bring them salvation. the miricle of the mission is when the investigators fulfil there invitations, and come unto christ! thats when you see change in there lives. its amazing, because you can actually percieve a light enter their eyes. A change that changes both the teachers, and the learners lives. its a testimoney to me that the lord has the power to change lives. If you think your life is in the dumps, and that theres no way out. remember that the power of the atonement has the power to change all of that. Trust in the savior, your savior. trust in him and follow. If you do that, there is no way you will ever go wrong in your life. Regrets only follow those who neglect christ, and his teachings. 

Love you all, and stay strong

Elder Shurts

Monday, April 18, 2016

Babtism of Jonecir

Dear friends and family

This week was super good. 

So, its supposed to cooling down, because down here is going into winter, but its been pretty hot here. Like an oregon hot summer day pretty much every day. Bento is also a very hilly area, there's a lot of elevation change. So, walking up and down hills is super tiring making me sweat a TON! but it'll cool down here in a little bit, so tudo bem!

So, we had a baptism this last week, a guy named jonecir. He is amazing, and super elect. So here~s his story. He started dating this less active member, who left the church when she was about 14 years old. But, while they were dating, she told Jonevir that she is Mormon, and told him a little bit about it, and he became super interested. So, one day (about five to six weeks ago, before I arrived in Bento) he walked in the church. The second counselor in the bishopric, Brother Cunha, found him at the door, and talked to him. Brought him to us, and we helped him out a ton. Started teaching him. When I arrived, they had already taught him a few things, and in the first lesson I had with him, he asked us what he needed to do to be baptized. and that was miracle. We set a date for his baptism, and had his baptism last Saturday. A little more than a week ago. Then he was confirmed the next day. but anyway, he is amazing, and a super fun person to hang around. Hes elect, and was prepared by the lord to receive the message of the gospel.

The other day, we talked to this one man on the street who tried to convert to his church. which is located in central somewhere. it was an interesting conversation, because, basically, he told us that we were wasting our time on the mission... I got to thinking about that statement for a while. How There are many people who think that about us missionaries and members of this church. that we are wasting our time doing this work. well, those people usually back up their opinions by either stating that god doesn't exist, or that the church we represent isn't true, or any other reason. these opinions usually originate from a lack of faith, or faith choked out by elaborate theories and scientific facts. or lies which Satan places in the hearts of man of anti-church statements. they all wonder why we are missionaries, or why we continue being faithful members of the church of Jesus Christ. Well, for those who never exhort a little energy to learn about god, and don't walk where he walked will have a hard time knowing who god is and believing he and his Son Jesus Christ exists and requires something of us. 
If life eternal is eternal joy, then what does life eternal mean: During Johns ministry as an apostle, he shared this eternal truth about Heaven. that ^Life eternal is this, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent^(John 17 Ç 3). We come to know Christ through doing what he did. We come to know Christ through learning about him reading the scriptures, receiving testimonies if him and his doctrine through the holy spirit and regularly attending his restored church. We come to know God through praying to him each and every day, and pouring out our souls to him. for those who don't do these things, faith is a difficult thing to have, a testimony suffers, and the soul of that person thirsts and hungers for eternal truth. So, I guess that brings us back to our original questions. What causes us to even do the things we do as members and missionaries. There are many many answers that could be said. The things we try to do, and commandments we obey are the same rules and commandments which Christ and God keep and kept perfectly. Thus, doing what we do brings us closer to him, which also brings us closer to his love and his goal for us, which is life eternal. in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


Elder Shurts

Monday, April 11, 2016

No Letter from Dallin this week, but lots of fun pictures:

Monday, April 4, 2016


Dear friends and Family

This last week has been awesome, I've been transfered to a new area n the same zone. This area is called bento Goncalves. I have another American companion, Elder Pryer, from Sandy Utah, and we get along Great. 

Anyway, here´s the miracle that happened this week.
So, conference is a blessing, and prayers can be answered during conference. This conference (though in Portuguese) was super special. I felt the spirit testifying once again of the truth of these things, and that the words of the apostles and prophets are inspired. One of the biggest miracles that happened during conference was a person named Neris, who has about 45 years of age. He was a contact that Elder Pryer made last transfer before I got here. But, he decided to come in, and watch, and when we arrived there, we found him sitting in the chapel waiting for the session to start. Realizing that he was not a member, we sat down and talked to him, and found out a little more about him. Then watched the first session of conference. After the session, we talked with him for a while. and he told us about all the regret he feels from mistakes hes made in his life. In short, hes a man filled with remorse, godly sorrow which has caused him to do the best thing he could ever have done in his life, search for God. Which is why he came today, the pain of guilt allowed him to humble himself before the lord, and begin the search for forgiveness. which is why he was there with us watching general conference. He wanted to feel the peace of the lord so bad in his life. and when he heard that all sins can be forgiven, it gave him such hope. That time talking with him was super special, and the spirit was felt, and tears were shed. He told us that we gave him hope, and how he felt a light here. we marked for him to return tomorrow for the one of the conference sessions. And tomorrow, he came for the last session of conference. When he got there, some member was super inspired, and gave him a paper and pen to write notes on. and so, he took notes this time. After the session, he had two main questions, who was Joseph Smith, and Whats the book of Mormon. Then he asked us if we had time to answer those question right now, and of course we said yes. We went into one of the classrooms in the church, and taught the first lesson, The spirit was super strong, he understood amazingly well. But that experience was such a miracle, for us just to be a part of, and for him especially, because he will soon be able to feel the sweet blessings of repentance. Its such an interesting thing to me, feelings are such a vital part of our lives. How can anyone deny the feelings they receive, that is proof enough that god exists. if we were just 

Love you all

Elder Shurts