Monday, January 18, 2016

Talk About Some Water!

Dear friends and Family,

So this week was really good. We worked really hard, and helped a lot of people. So a miracle that happened yesterday was that 7 people were baptized. It was amazing. They were amazing. We baptized Raqueal, Juberto, Oliver, (one family) Claudia (one person) Maria, Iolasio, and Inara (the Alessandre family). Seven people! It was so exciting. Lots of water, and lots of spirit. I went on splits a lot this week with other missionaries, and witnessed other miracles as well. Like this one grandma who had been seeing missionaries for 16 years asked us when she was going to be baptized while I was there! And a mom, who was about to kick us out of her house...because she was very passionate about her own religion, had us stay, share a message and asked us to come back simply because I was American. haha. Here, Americans are rockstarts. Its kinda funny. 
Last but not least, the language. I am understanding a ton more. I am able to understand people way better, and have actually had some pretty long and good conversations with people. Its amazing how fast I'm learning the language. I have faith that Ill become fluent, and I'm working so hard, I'm always studying words. and the Lord is speeding up my learning. Its amazing. Only eight weeks in the field, and I'm able to speak this much. It's a miracle.

Elder Shurts

Training with President Campos
Splits with some fun elders
Pictures before the service

More baptism pics

Happy Elders!

Lots of people at the baptismal service

The Allesandre family (look how tall that elder is!)

Happy Elders!

Monday, January 11, 2016


Dear Friends and Family
Ok, this week was good, and a transfer week. So I am officially the only american here in the area, which means a lot more portuguese now. So this week was pretty great. 

One family we taught is amazing. The dads name is Alessandra, and I forget the other names (because Portuguese names are REALLY hard for me to remember) but its a family of four, and they have three cousins living with them. They came to church so willingly, and just love us. We brought them and 7 other people to church yesterday.

So I have a funny experience to share. I was walking of the sidewalk leaving the house where we had lunch. and I was talking to Elder Ferreira, and out of nowhere, my head bashed something. and there was a big ~Cooonnggg~sound. bewildered, and in complete surprise I keep walking wakling, but turn around to see what I hit, and I hit the edge of a gate garrage door. In order to better understand how the gates work, Every single house has a iron fence with spikes on top for security (because brazil is dangerous, although caxias is super safe) and in the fence they have these gates. and when they open, they lift up in a wierd folding way. well, the gate was at the perfect height for my forehead, and found a pretty nice target on my head. surprisingly, all I got was a nice bump, and little cut, though I hit the gate much harder for just that. So, I was blessed to come away from bashing my forehead with only that.

So, those are the big things that happened this week. Remember that christ is always there for you. He loves you, and knows exactly what your going through. He didnt die and suffer on the cross for now reason, he did it so that he could succer his people, and lift our burdens. So pray, and ask god for help. Christ wants nothing more than to help you, he knows what your going through, and he knows how hard it is, and wants whats best for you. Remember that. If the whole world seems to be falling apart around you, remember that christ knows how it feels, and will help you if you ask him.

Sincerely, Elder Shurts