Monday, February 29, 2016

Time Passes Swiftly

Well, I'm here, still in my first area, and still very new in the mission, and my sister is returning home this week. Oh, how easy it is to start feeling trunky. I still lack a year and seven months. Which is a lot of time if you think about, yet, no time at all. Time flys by so fast. As much time I still have to go on the mission, I've almost reached my 6 month mark, and it feels like I arrived yesterday. Which is a really wierd feeling. Just remember to enjoy the moment, and if you simply can't find something to enjoy about now, find something to learn from it. Because there's nothing worse, in my opinion, than wasted time. Wasting time is such a horrible feeling. And the next closest thing to wasting time is spending it in the wrong areas. Remember to prioritize and use your time wisely because discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.
So, what happened this week? Well, we walked a lot. I got a few new blisters on my feet, I finally had a chance to use my mole skin I brought from home. My legs cramp up at nights because we walk so much. We did a lot of conatacts, and talked to a lot of people. Bought and ate lots of icecream. We have an amazing family we are teaching. I don't have all that much time to write today, but things are going absolutely great. The mission is full of challenges and blessings, and experiences that will last for a lifetime.


Elder Shurts

Monday, February 22, 2016

New Companion!

Dear friends and Family

This week was transfers, which means that companions switch. you never know if your gonna go out, if your companions gonna leave, if your both gonna stay and who will replace the one the leaves. We found out sunday evening last week. and monday was transfers. My new companion for the next little while is Elder Neyland. He is from texas, a shorter person, and very different from Ferreira. I am staying here yet one more transfer in Serrano. A little neighborhood next to a city called Caxias do Sul (Caxias of the south).

The work is great here, we've met many new people, and have a few people progressing. and believe it or not, but I understand pretty much everything now in Portuguese. Im very close to being fluent, and being able to speak without too much effort. Its amazing how fast it was for me to get this far. Its only really been three months, which is a short time for me to be where I am right now with the language. Ive been very blessed. Now thhat Im understanding people more as well, Im starrting to see just how amazing our branch is. The people in the Serrano branch are so humble, and have pure hearts. Its amazing. But dont get me wrong, I still have a long ways to go before im completely flluent. probably fove more weeks and Ill be there.... I hope

Elder Shurts

me and Ferreira and Joel (leader da obra) our last lunch together


Family Home Evening Tuesday Night in Bela Vista Ward: Good food, fun people

Monday, February 15, 2016

Last Week Before Transfers

Dear Friends and Family

This week was filled with miracles and amusement.
So, on Pday, I read all your emails, and then went fishing with a member and the zone leaders. It was really fun. I caught a lot of Brasilian Fish, how bout~that, huh.

On tuesday, we had a pretty amazing experience with one of our investigators. we went and actually were scheduled to have lunch at his house. So, we went there, and chillaxed for a little while the food was being prepared, then ate, and talked, and enjoyed the company. then, we had our spiritual message after lunch like we always do. During this time, we were talking about--I don't even remember what--something spiritual, when I looked up, and saw Leandro (the name of our investigator) crying. Tears were rollling down his face, and then, soon after, the spirit became really strong. and we could all feel it. It hit me, and it was amazing. And we invited Leandro to say the prayer, and he thanks God for this confirmation, that he now knows that this church is true. and during his prayer, I continued to feel the spirit. it was an amazing experience. God loves each of us, and he answers our prayers. I will never forget that moment.

The next cool thing that happened was we had splits on Wednesday. On this day, we ended up giving (me and Elder Tavares) on the street at night before we had to return back to our apartment. The lesson was pretty cool, and these kids (ages 14 to 15) were listening, which is rare. all but a few. The lesson started besauce Tavares decided to play some soccer with them, and we broke the ice pretty easily with them. Then, on the way back to the Caxias (the citry of our Zone) we had a great conversation with the bus driver. The Lord blessed us with no distractions, because the entire way returning back to Caxias, not a single person got on the Omnibus, which is really rare. and he was very interested, asking many questions. I've learned that miracles happen all around us, our families are miracles, and it's noticing them, noticing their source that is important. We need to remember to thank God more. because he's given us so much.

That's pretty much my week, and the experiences I had. Remember that God loves all of you, and that we won't learn or know everything all at once, its a process, and the process, of learning and understanding doctrine brings us closer to Christ. Which is guaranteed to bring joy, the closer we are to him, the more we can feel his presence and influence in our lives.

Elder Shurts

Monday, February 8, 2016

Walking All Days

Dear friends and family
This week was busy, like the last.
Monday was Pday, and after that, was a nice relaxed day at the home, not much happened. But later that night, we went to house of a member and ate dinner, lots of good Brazilian food.

That Tuesday, was nothing special, but Wednesday was different. All the leaders in our zone went to Porto Alegre, so I went on splits with two other missionaries. It rained like shower, pretty hard, and pretty cool. The rain is always exciting here. We waited for it to stop, then took an omnibus back to central of Caxias (the city we're working in) I also received a package from my Awesome Family, which was exciting. 

The rest of the week was normal, but just want to let you guys know, Im not out here for no reason. I know this gospel is true, and That testimony is strengthening everyday as I see it change lives, and see people lift up to heights they never could have imagined in themselves. Its amazing what the gift of the atonement can do for people. 

Elder Shurts

Monday, February 1, 2016

Talk about the middle of nowhere!

Dear friends and family
This week was pretty good. We worked a lot, and I go to sleep every night feeeling sore, and I sleep pretty well. 
So, we visited this one city way for out in our area. It was amazing! We taught many people, and miracles happened there. It was great. all six missionaries in our district piled into this small 4 five seater car with food and everything we needed. We drove an hour and a half out to this area obscure and far away. It was fun...everyone crammed into this little car. We get to the town, where pretty much no one lives, and start sharing the gospel. and everyone was receptive there. Several said they wanted to be baptized, now, and one said he'd consecrate his house to be a church, and another said he'd build a church for  the people to meet in. Overall, it was pretty amazing. After that, we returned, and had a normal week. But well be visiting this city for a while, preaching, serving and doing stuff.
Anyway, that's been our week.

Elder Shurts

our baptism this week. His name is Ineias, The branch president baptized him.

 Some pictures of me:

when we all went to cazuza Ferreira