Monday, August 15, 2016


Dear friends and family

Well, this week was super good. We worked and worked, and bought a few pizzas as well. Piizzas are  very good here in Brasil, they have a lot of flavors different and good here  in Brasil. Like chicken heart, and chocolate sweat pizzas.

Juliano, our babtism we had a few weeks ago, got comfirmed today, which was was excited, not to mention that his parents came to church today as well. They were touched as well, and felt the spirit during sacrament meeting. One day, I would like to see them as an eternal family going to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity, which is something we believe in. That a man and a women can be married within the temple, which makes marriage last for ever, even after death.

hope fathers day was good for everyone, and have a great week.

-Elder Shurts

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ocean Baptism

Well, this wek we had Julianos babtism, which was really special. Gerson and a few of the members shared super strong testimoneys, and the spirit was very strong during the meeting. Not to mention the babtism was on the beach in the ocean! This was also Elder Fatoris first babtism!!

Other than the babtism, basically, the bigggest thing happenning this week is work work work. We also had a devision this past week, which was fun. We were able to get a lot done during the devision, and it was with Elder Enriques (a mexican) and Elder Amorin ((not sure where hes from, but hes brasilian).

hope this week is being good for you all!!

Elder Shurts

Monday, August 1, 2016

Investigators marking baptismal dates for us:)

Dear friends and family

This week was super awesome

So, first things first, A missionary's dream happened this week. Juliano, this seventeen year old boy we've been teaching came up to us one day while we were at the church. He told us that he had something to tell us. He told us that he was going to be baptized this next week, and that he would talk to his dad about it, and make everything certain. When I heard this, I freaking freaked out!! anyway, that was our baptismal date marking experience.

Transfers happened, but nothing big changed. me and my companion are still together here in Torres, and we continue working away, finding people to teach and baptize. Missionary work is awesome as always!

Love you all, and hope summer is passing well,

tá tranquilo, tá favorável

-Elder Shurts

Excerpts from Dallin's journal about the food:

Then I made cinnamon roles again!! haha But, I forgot my measuring cups at the presidents house, so, I just kinda eyeballed everything. And in the end, they turned out super good. Better than they were last time. haha!! So proud of myself I am!! We asked for a bigger pan to bake them in from down below, and it turned out wonderfully!! 

So, We went to Cuagle, where he gave us a ride to mauros house (his car is super nice!! haha) We got there a few hours earlier, because one, it was super far away, and two, lunch was going to be a huge Churrrascou. So, we got there to watch it all being made! He had a huge bowl full of meat. Pork, chicken and cow. He started the churrasceira, and while it was burning to coals, they speited, or put the meat on metal rods called Speitos. Then, they covered the meat in salt, (rocky type, a salt which is super chunky). They just dusted it all of the meat, not pressing it in at all. The meat will only take in the salt which it needs, which is why you just dust it over, and not press it in. then, they place it over the churrasceira. then, while it cooked, Cuagle told me all about it, that the meat it going to drip fat, which is going to to make the fire burn higher. When the fire gets bigger is when you flip it over. and pretty soon, with a process as simple as this, the meat is cooked. While it was cooking though, cut up parts of sausage were being passed around, and these super deliscious bread part things. Then we finally ate. During all this, I learned that you do not eat churrascou com arroz e feijão, você so come com mayonaise e a carne e coca.

me making cinnamon roles last Pday

picturs ofthe ocean. Passed by on the way to a compromisso and took some pictures

churraso no sábado

more churrasco