Monday, July 25, 2016

Dear friends and Family

Three weeks resumed in one email

A lot happened in these past three weeks, Something cool that happened was president recently called two traveling assistants in the mission. And it wasn't just that he called them, but also sent them to our area, which was really cool. Imagine two super expert missionaries who are old on the mission coming to your area for three days to help you work. Well, that's what happened. Elder Andrew and Elder De Lima. Elder Andrew an American, and Elder De Lima a Paulista (from São Paulo) They helped us a ton, which was awesome. That was two weeks ago when this happened. We almost had a baptism, but she didn't feel ready, so we postponed it for a little.

The other cool thing that happened was the week after the traveling assistants came through, on Quarta Feira, We organized a family home eneving with president and his family, and Bruna. For the family home evening, we made three american pies. Which is such a cool thing here in Brasil, because to them, Pie is something they only see in Television. But then I come through teach them how to make pie, haha. Everyone was so excited. We made a lemon, apple, and banana pie. and President and his family sure helped out  Bruna, our investigator.

Also, transfers happened, and me and my companion Elder Fatori are staying here in Torres for one more transfer. But, at the end of transfers, we had a training in Porto Alegre with president to follow up withh these first six weeks of the new missionaries, and the trainers. The training was awesome, not to mention they took us to lunch. But president always has the most inspiring stories to share about his life. He told us that his seminary class was super roudy when he was fourteen years old, and no one wanted to teach it. So,his bishop called him in, and told him that, then called President Campos, at the age of fourteen, as the new seminary teacher. So, the next day, all the kids teased him, not believing that he was called as the new seminary teacher. But, he told that he was, but they still were roudy. So, he grabbed a chair, placed it next to him in the front of the classroom, and pointed to it, saying that here, is where christ will be sitting. and he told us that everytime the class got roudy in the future, he pointed to that chair, reminding his classmates to remember the phrase, what would I do if christ was with us now. Such an inspiring story! 

Aside from this, the work in Torres is going good. We are teaching many people, although few are really progressing. The investigators we had arnt proogressing anymore, and we have a whole group of new investigators now, which are awesome. Like I mentioned earlier, we have this one investigator whose name is Bruna, and she is super elect. We knocked on her door two weeks ago, and they let us in like we were already friends. Turns out that she had been investigating the church nine months ago in Santa Catarina, another city pretty far away from here. Anyway, she was marked to bab babtised yesterday, but didnt feel ready, because she is having a hard time stopping to smoke. But, here in a little bit, she will be able to stop and be ready for babtism.

Love you, and I hope you guys are enjoying your summer up in the northen hemisphere. As far as the weather goes, its pretty cold here still, and very windy.

Have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Shurts

Monday, July 18, 2016

Short note and lots of Pictures

(In response to all the recipes I sent him) Wow mom!! thanks for everything!! haha, all this sure is nice to have! haha, now |I have more stuff to bake. oh, haha, could you also send pie dough recipe as well, that would be awesome!! and let Johnathan know that I love him, and hope he has fun! 

Oh, and i wont be able to send my journal this week, because I forgot to bring my electronics with me from the house, so I have no way to move everything over to the computer. Basically, you'll have to wait for next week to get this week's journal. but basically, we had a division with the assistants this week, which was super good, and we found someone super elect, super excited!! We are gonna have her baptism this Sunday, her name's Bruna!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

No Letter --But Gorgeous Pictures from Torres

Here's a super cute note from our Dallin:
 Sounds like you guys are all having tons of fun in Yellowstone!! I miss being with you all there, but don't worry. I'll be there in a year or two, and soon after with a family of my own;), haha tell everyone i miss them, and send everyone a hug for me! and also, save a portion of the food for me, that would be great!! (hehe)
Its raining really hard in |Torres, a storm blew threw with lightning and everything, which is super exciting, and its cold, this elders happy!!
Tell Klara welcome for me, and good luck.

Love ya to the moon and back too!!

-Elder Shurts

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