Monday, July 18, 2016

Short note and lots of Pictures

(In response to all the recipes I sent him) Wow mom!! thanks for everything!! haha, all this sure is nice to have! haha, now |I have more stuff to bake. oh, haha, could you also send pie dough recipe as well, that would be awesome!! and let Johnathan know that I love him, and hope he has fun! 

Oh, and i wont be able to send my journal this week, because I forgot to bring my electronics with me from the house, so I have no way to move everything over to the computer. Basically, you'll have to wait for next week to get this week's journal. but basically, we had a division with the assistants this week, which was super good, and we found someone super elect, super excited!! We are gonna have her baptism this Sunday, her name's Bruna!!

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